The rather strict formal language of geometry is my professional home as an architect. Since thoughts, gut feelings and irritations (coincidences?) are difficult to plan and build, they can be found outside of my professional activities on all conceivable and unthinkable surfaces - often with a lot of color.


Thus, joy, anger, passion, rage, desperation, euphoria, love and all other emotional events give rise to unplanned - but somehow also intended - snapshots in the form of pictures and collages.


My drive is fun, lust and sometimes a strange inner compulsion to create images. To enjoy results - if they are successful and capture a moment or create a mood.


Of course I am happy when others see it that way, when there are like-minded people who want to share these moments with me and in the best case create a euphoria in me that gives my drive a boost.  



ars mundi (

- Köln (DE), discovery art fair, cologne

- München (DE), ARTMUC



Köln (DE), discovery art fair, cologne

- München (DE), arthouse

- München (DE), ARTMUC



- München (DE), ARTMUC

- Amsterdam (NL), PART2GALERY

- Frankfurt (DE), baodt Art

- Köln (DE), discovery art fair, cologne

- Timmendorf (DE), artboxberlin

- St. Moritz (CHE), boadt Art

- Lisbon (PRT), Colorida Galeria de Arte



- Roermond (NL), Nachtbrötchen

- Hamburg (DE), INC coporate art fair

- Munich (DE), Galerie Siebenmachen

- Amsterdam (NL), Art Fair (postponed)

- Köln (DE), discovery art fair, cologne (postponed)



- Düsseldorf (DE), PART2GALLERY

- Munich (DE), ARTMUC re:start

- Munich (DE), Galerie Siebenmachen

- Cologne (DE), discovery art fair, (online)

- Munich (DE), ARTMUC (canceled)



- New York (USA), Clio Art Fair

- Munich (DE), ARTMUC